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Horizontal Filling and Capping Machine for Premade Pouches
Model DEAPHPM-210

Machine Information

With our horizontal filling and capping machine DEAPHPM-210 you are guaranteed to make the right choice! The DEAPHPM-210 convinces with its simple operation and its clean and compact design. Our packaging machine seals prefabricated bags with high strength, so that your products are safely and securely packed for transport and trade. Our innovative technology ensures a high productivity of the filling and capping machine. It fills and closes up to 60 bags per minute. Our DEAPHPM-210 can be used in almost any industry (e.g. food, medical, cosmetics and fine chemicals) and thus represents a huge simplification in your packaging process.

Product Samples

Different Models:

  • DEAPHPM-210
    Max. Bag Width
    100-210 mm*
    Max. Bag Length
    150-380 mm*
    Speed30-60 pcs/min**
    Bag Types
    Flat Bags, Stand-Up Pouches, Zipper Bags
    Bottom Depth
    40-80 mm*

 * It is not possible to combine all maximum dimensions.

 ** The output quantity per minute are average values, depending on film type, thickness, product dimensions and machine handling.

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