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Pillow Bag Packaging:

Pillow bags fall under the category of flat bags. They can be made either from a film tube or a film sheet. In the first manufacturing variant, a cut from the foil tube is used. One end of the tube is sealed before the bag is filled and the other end is sealed after the bag is filled.

However, the second production variant - from a film sheet - is more conventional and widespread. To form a bag from the flat film web, you need either a forming shoulder or a forming chute, depending on whether you want to subsequently pack the bags with a horizontal or vertical form-, fill- and seal machine.

With our pillow bags, you ensure excellent product presentation. In addition, the excellent barrier properties provide both product safety and flavor protection. Due to their unique film properties, our pillow bags can be processed very well and have a high puncture resistance as well as excellent sealing properties. Pillow bags can be used for a wide range of products and are considered particularly economical due to their low material usage. If you have special requirements for our pillow packs, we will be happy to adapt the bags or the respective machines to your individual needs. The packaging materials used for the pillow bags are mainly PP, PE and PET plastics or plastic composite films.

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