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Pillow Bag Packaging for Bulk Materials
Find the right packaging machine for your product

With our machines you can pack bulk materials from all sectors of industry:

  • Food industry: dried fruits, nuts, pasta, coffee beans, rice, oatmeal, muesli, cornflakes, pulses, grated cheese, vegetables and salad, granulated beverages, sugar, salt, snacks, tea, candies, sweets, dragées
  • Non-food industry: pet food, plastic granules, granulated fertilizers, puzzle pieces and other small toys, jewelry

Advantages of our Pillow Bag Packaging

  • Excellent product presentation (for pouches without side seam) due to gloss of the packaging
  • Excellent barrier properties ensure product safety and aroma protection 
  • Very good processability High puncture resistance and excellent sealing properties 
  • Customized film properties tailored to your needs 
  • Can be used for a wide range of products 
  • Cost-effectiveness due to low material usage

Let us advise you and find the right machine for your product!

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Vertical Pillow Bag Machine: Packagin of Nachos

Vertical Pillow Bag Machine: Packaging of Nuts


Additional Options:

Improved handling:

  • Customized hoppers
  • Product adapted sorting tables
  • Operation by foot switch

Dosing units:

  • Linear scales
  • Multihead weigher
  • Vibratory feeder head
  • Screw dosing
  • Volume dosing

Printing and stamping units

  • Individual labeling systems
  • Printing unit and label dispenser
  • Hot stamping systems / printers
  • Thermal transfer printer

Printed films: Print mark control

Punching tool: Euro perforation or round perforation

Possible bags: stand-up pouch, gusseted pouch

For more information on tubular film for bag making, please visit our partner tbs-pack.