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Printing Systems
Thermal transfer and inkjet

Domino and Savema's thermal transfer and inkjet printers print text, barcodes, best before dates, batch numbers, source codes and images reliably and with high resolution on large surfaces. These printers also offer the possibility of printing packaging films and labels. High printing speeds are guaranteed by ribbon drive and the unique ribbon saving function of the Domino printer, for example, reduces the operating costs of the thermal transfer printer to a minimum. The models are flexible and can be adjusted to suit the user's specific needs, providing a pleasant user experience. They can be easily integrated into almost any packaging line, such as vertical or horizontal form, fill and seal machines. The printer variations are perfect for all intermittent and continuous applications in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and automotive aftermarket industries. The printers are therefore the ideal solution for companies that need to print their products on a large scale and for manufacturers of packaging machines.